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Mike's Achievements

1999 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Championships GI Flyweightt
1999 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Championships NO-GI Flywt
1999 Champion-Royler Gracie Championships Lightweight GI
2000 Champion-NAGA Matt Madness Lightweight GI
2000 Champion-GQ NYC Grappling Challege NO-GI Lightweight
2000 Champion-Grapplers Quest Kimono Kombat Lightweight
2000 Champion-Royler Gracie Championships "Superfight"
2000 Champion-NAGA-NAGC Flyweight GI
2000 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Championships Flywt NO-GI
2001 Champion-Royler Gracie Championships "Superfight"
2001 Champion-US Jiu Jitsu Open Lightweight NO-GI
2001 Champion-US Jiu Jitsu Open Lightweight GI
2002 Champion-NAGA-NJ State Championships Flyweight
2002 Champion-Arnold Classic Gracie World Lightweight Submission
2002 Champion-Copa Atlantica Lightweight Purple Belt
2002 Champion-US Jiu Jitsu Open No-GI Lightweight
2002 Champion-Grapplers Quest World Submission Flyweight
2002 Champion-NAGA-North Amer Grappling Champ Brown/Black Belt Litewt GI
2002 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Champships-Master Ltwt NO-GI
2002 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Champships Adult Flywt NO-GI
2003 Champion-Grapplers Quest World Submission Flyweight
2003 Champion-NAGA-North American Grappling Champships-Adult Flywt NO-GI
2003 Champion-Las Vegas Grappling & Jiu Jitsu Flyweight
2003 Most Technical Fighter-Award Las Vegas Grappling & Jiu Jitsu Championships
2003 Bronze Medalist-Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships-SuperFeatherWt
2003 6th place-Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling Championships (66kg)
2003 4th place-World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships
2004 Silver Medalist-Abu Dhabi CC Submission Grappling Open, Florida
2005 Bronze Medalist-World Brazilian JiuJitsu Championship Featherweight Division - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2005 Awarded Black Belt-Gracie Humaita Academy; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2008 Awarded1st Degree Promotion on Blackbelt

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